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Lower Mainland Industrial Electrician

Looking for reliable Lower Mainland electricians for your commercial/residential electrical needs? Mr. Electric Lower Mainland offers a full range of maintenance, repair, and installation solutions for all your electrical requirements. Call us up for:


    Upgrades and Improvements

Commercial and workplace upgrades will provide your employees, clients and patrons a more aesthetically pleasing and stimulating environment for work and more sales. Residential upgrades increase your home's value, especially when planning for future resale. Our electricians can also suggest energy-saving solutions for more efficient energy use and renewable energy solutions.

    Safety and Security


Make your commercial establishment inspection-ready all the time and deter crimes with time-controlled lighting, dimmers, motion sensors at home and at the workplace. Regular check up of your electrical wirings and connections is a necessary step in ensuring your home or building's safety and security to avoid fire and other hazards caused by faulty electrical wiring.

    Specialty Lighting


Custom lighting designs and professional installation for your home, office or commercial building say a lot about your style and how you value your property. Our electricians can help you transform your space through stylish and well designed lighting systems that follow all safety standards.

    Energy Saving Solutions


Efficient lighting and electrical systems offer great energy savings to lower your power consumption and electrical bill. Never forget to ask your electrician about energy saving solutions that supports renewable energy sources and systems that ensure efficient consumption.

    Knob and Tube Wiring


If your home was built before 1950, there's a big chance that it employs knob and tube wiring. This kind of electrical system is the oldest type of residential wiring that became popular in the early 1900s. Well maintained and untouched knob and tube systems are considered safe. However, overused, damaged, and compromised systems may cause many potential problems, which is why it is advisable to replace or upgrade them, should they pose great danger to residents. Our electricians offer clean and efficient re-wiring and wiring replacement services to help you upgrade your electrical system to a more energy efficient system.

    Surge Protection


Electrical surges are among the leading causes of damage in electrical equipment, which eventually leads to equipment or device failure. This is why it is very important that your machines, equipment, and appliances are protected from huge electrical surges coming from external or internal sources. To avoid electrical hazards and costly equipment replacement, ask about our surge protection services.



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